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As a right-hand to Steve, Samantha knows that doing things right the first time creates you more of it down the line. As a senior accounts manager with over 5 years of experience in financial services, her objective is to get your loan approved with minimal fuss. Samantha assists the team with the loan process, by compiling and lodging clients’ loan applications and ensuring loan approvals are achieved quickly and efficiently. She follows up clients' files from the moment they are lodged with the lenders until the loan is settled. She is responsible for managing tasks associated with loans and mortgages. These tasks include data entry, loan application verification, background and credit checks, communicating with applicants and preparing loan applications for submission to underwriters. She ensures that all required documentation and signatures are in place prior to submitting the loan for approval. Samantha also deals with real estate agents and solicitors/conveyancers, buyers, homebuilders, and all others who are involved with the home-buying process. She works closely with Steve, appraisers, underwriters, and others involved in the loan process to ensure best outcomes for all our clients.

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Senior Accounts Manager
Samantha Keramidas
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